A List Of 12 Amazing Dissertation Topics In Financial Engineering

Financial engineering is a rather up and coming field as far as career choices go, in this day and age. It comes with steady money, lucrative positions, and respectable job opportunities. However, in order to become a distinguished financial engineer, a good dissertation is a must. This means that the topic must be well-chosen and relevant, the predetermined format must be properly followed, and the research must be thorough and organised.

  1. History of the field
  2. The gradual development of the field of financial engineering is a good choice for dissertation students. In order to present a noteworthy paper on this topic, the student must start at the very beginning- how the field emerged, some eminent pioneers and their contributions to the study, the strategic growth of the discipline, its current social relevance, and its current position in the job market- and cover all bases with accurate statistical information, such as, graphs, pie charts and histograms.

  3. Interrelation with other disciplines
  4. Financial engineering appeared as a distinct field in recent years. Prior to that, it was studied as a branch of Economics, Commerce and other such fields of study. To this day, it remains the focus of monetary subjects. Researching on the interdependence of the field on others and vice-versa can be a very good topic to cover in the paper. It must be kept in mind that this would be a heavily mathematical subject matter and, hence, should be accompanied with sufficient defence.

  5. Relevance in contemporary times
  6. The student must endeavour, to show through his paper, how his field of study is useful in modern day and age. Financial engineering mainly helps business houses, which are touted as backbones of economic advancement in the 21st century. Some topics regarding this are:

    • Financial engineering and their relevance in third-world countries
    • How is the field of financial engineering useful to MNCs?
    • Job opportunities for financial engineers
    • IMF and financial engineering: The Twin pillars of global economy
    • Gradual expansion of crypto currencies or virtual currencies: Bane or boon?
  7. Democracies and Capitalism
  8. A student of financial engineering must be up to date with regards to global politics and their inevitable impact on economies. In the last century, the democratic ideal emerged victorious and with it, the ideology of capitalism. This has led to the establishment of open competition, monopolies, unfair practices and degradation of quality products. The student must strive to show how his subject of study can effectively solve these global problems.


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