How To Get Your Master’s In Education Easily- Fresh Dissertation Ideas

One of the last requirements that you need to graduate with your Master’s degree is to write a dissertation. It is more than likely the hardest paper that you have had to write so far. It is designed to test your knowledge in the subject matter. You will have to conduct a new study that adds to the overall knowledge in the field transforming you from student to scholar.

It is a great idea to start off on the right foot by choosing a really good dissertation topic. It has to be on something that has not been previously studied unless it enhances the prior study. Here are some great topic ideas that you can use for your Education dissertation.

  1. With the inception of online universities and online degrees, is it easier or harder to get a degree today?
  2. What are the advantages of mandatory pre-school and how will it improve education overall?
  3. What is the best student to teacher ratio for optimal learning?
  4. Should the focus in pre-school be on language and math skills or general character building skills?
  5. What is the effects of lowering standards instead of providing additional help for students who are struggling?
  6. Should primary school be treated more like secondary school with nine periods?
  7. Should there be a higher concentration on using computers and performing tasks on the computer since this is a technology that isn’t going away?
  8. Can gender segregation in schools improve education?
  9. Are business courses keeping up with the information age?
  10. If teachers were paid more, would grades be improved?

As you can tell, these topics are relevant to the study of education. They are also fairly specific. This is to ensure that you are not going to have too much information to analyze that you can’t do a good analysis. The topic is also broad enough that you will be able to find enough information to write an average length dissertation of forty or so pages.

Don’t stress yourself out. Many students have completed this assignment. It is not easy but it can be done. The main idea is to create a good plan. This can include a schedule, an outline, and some back up. Develop a schedule that breaks this huge project down into smaller portions. You can’t do it all in a few days. Write an outline. It is a great idea and will keep you from wasting time. Get someone to help you when you are down. This can be a friend who just supports you or a scholar to help you with the actual paper.


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