20 Fresh Ideas For Writing A Media Arts Dissertation

A concise research topic makes your media art dissertation writing easy and fun. The process of choosing a topic begins at identifying an area of interest. The paper should focus on an issue that is of interest and how to make the media industry more vibrant and effective in delivering on its mandate.

There are incredible sources of topics and ideas on media arts dissertation. They include:-

Fresh ideas for media art dissertation topics

  1. Do journalists violate common law on individual privacy?
  2. Did journalists overstep the line in the case of Princess Diana?
  3. Celebrities have fewer privileges on privacy since they are a creation of the same media.
  4. What is the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on media freedom?
  5. Journalists abuse the secrecy of their sources of information at the expense of national security.
  6. Is the freedom of expression by journalists being used to destroy individual lives?
  7. Are there different levels of freedom of expression considering the growing popularity of tabloids?
  8. Is the name and shame approach unethical for media houses?
  9. Is national security an excuse to sensor the media?
  10. Journalists are always biased in their news.
  11. Can the rights of women be protected through censorship?
  12. Is the ban on pornography retrogressive in a free and democratic society?
  13. The possibility of direct media bans to protect public moral fiber.
  14. The use of religious symbols and state censorship.
  15. Should there be limits to censorship based on national security.
  16. Media and propaganda-China and Tibet, 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  17. Are reality shows causing moral degradation?
  18. Is media a practical tool for erasing stereotypes and cultural divides?
  19. Is Hollywood causing the death of other cultures?
  20. Copyright laws are skewed in favor of producers other than artists.


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