10 Inspiring Ideas For Composing Dissertation Topics

If you are searching for dissertation topics and are in need of inspiring ideas, consider the following:

  1. Review the influences of modern changes to speech, and where grammar may go in the next few years
  2. Review early Indian Art and how Buddhism made the move from symbols to images
  3. Review the influence of photography during Hitler’s rule
  4. Explore policy networks within your current government
  5. Discuss small country councils within a larger government, such as Russia or the UK
  6. Discuss the ways graphic design has changed over the last few years
  7. Analyze the way welfare has been reformed
  8. Review the role that lines of credit have played in any recent financial crisis
  9. Discuss the realization of big brother in modern society
  10. Explain neuro plasticity developments in the last few years

Of course, these topics are only meant as a starting point. They may not be appropriate for your field of research, and they may not fit your interests. Given the length of the project, one of the most important aspects to consider when composing a dissertation topic is your level of interest in it. If you find a great topic, and then sleep on it, only to find yourself bored with the idea the next day, then you will not be able to retain your interest for the rest of the writing process.

That is why brainstorming methods can help you compose a brilliant dissertation idea suitable for your course of study, and interesting to you.

When you set out to pick a topic the first thing you need to do is brainstorm for a day. You should try brainstorming exercises such as free writing. Free writing can help clear your mind and dig up a potential idea that you have buried somewhere in your subconscious.

After you pick a handful of topics, make sure to conduct cursory research. This means you type in the potential topic into a search field and verify whether there is sufficient academic information available that you can use for the literary background and review portion of your dissertation. If you fail to do this, you will end up wasting months later down the road only to find out that you cannot support your topic and will have to start anew. Save yourself the headache and do it now.


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