The Top 20 Geography Dissertation Writing Ideas

Writing about geography for a dissertation writing assignment can have its challenges. When selecting something to write about think about what interests you. This will help you focus on potential writing ideas for your dissertation. There is a wide selection of ideas but you can start with a broad topic such as climate or pollution, and brainstorm from there. Even though there are literally thousands of ideas for this subject matter, you can get a brief idea of what is possible for your dissertation writing assignment through the 20 topic ideas available below.

  1. The worst flash flood in history. Your dissertation could explore a flash flood from any part of the world.
  2. Does how much you earn really make an effect on economic growth?
  3. How is terrorism handled in different parts of the world? How has such activity made an impact on how people live their lives?
  4. What elements determine climate change? A dissertation may explore theories that relate to climate change in specific parts of the world.
  5. Which animals have the greatest effect on the environment that people eat most often?
  6. Do humans and animals contribute to climate change?
  7. How does globalization affect new business ventures or start-up businesses?
  8. Is organic farming and trade something more people are getting into?
  9. If more people volunteered their time how would this help the environment?
  10. Which areas have the most people that drink water regularly? You can compare other aspects of a healthy lifestyle of one country to another.
  11. Measuring precipitation today versus 50 years ago. A dissertation may explore elements that contributed to more accurate measurements and their importance.
  12. Which areas of the world are most likely to see landslides?
  13. Is there a way to protect the costal beach areas when hurricanes or high tides come in? What can be done differently that has yet to be explored?
  14. Which areas see the most activity for smoking cigarettes? A dissertation may compare regions based on certain pieces of information you choose to discuss.
  15. How has art played a role in landscaping?
  16. Can a landfill ever become full to when no more trash can be added?
  17. How did the census get started and where was it first introduced?
  18. Demographics of people who rely on cellphones.
  19. Common geographical myths debunked.
  20. Do larger farms harvest better produce that a smaller farm?


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