Dissertation Ideas On Crime: 10 Questions You Can Explore

A criminology thesis focuses on two areas; collection and analysis of primary data and appraisal of secondary information. Either can work out for you. It is good to understand that this sector covers a lot of areas in it. You could decide to specialize your topic on criminal law or justice and narrow it further to a specific group of people such as the youth. In addition, you could also tackle it in comparison or relation to other states and regions. Moreover, this subject explains different versions of crime such as young, gang, elderly and state crime.

Below is a list of 10 questions that will guide you in choosing a subject matter. It does not basically mean that these are the only questions that can be tackled. All it aims at is creating an idea and raise possible approaches that could make your topic sound more original.

  1. Effects of media channels on a criminal's behavior.
  2. Is a face to face education system more viable than an online system for students pursuing criminology?
  3. Homicide cases are more intense in highly populated areas than in low populated areas.
  4. How young crime offenders ate treated in Canada, code of judgment.
  5. Effects of probation acts on law breakers.
  6. Implications of domestic violence committed by officer of the law.
  7. Are educational programs the best methods to prevent or minimize domestic violence?
  8. Historical evidence on abuse of the elderly people by family members.
  9. Are criminals allowed to have their rights as ordinary members of the society?
  10. Are criminal statistics a valid and actual picture of how the situation is?

With that in mind, the next question would be on finding information on these areas. One of the most resourceful sites that will ease your search is the Internet. The Internet generally comprises of all search engines, whether created by individuals or a company. With the increase in the number of freelance writing jobs, people have been able to come up with as many research subjects as possible. Moreover, they have guidelines on how you to refine your ideas to a more specific area.

Look into as many sites as you can then figure out which sector works out for you. Furthermore, find an area that will not give you a hard time during the research period. You can also use other resources such as library books to do your research.


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