How To Choose Dissertation Topics: A List Of Questions You Should Stay Away From

Writing a dissertation is no easy task. To many people, it can seems daunting and intimidating; which is understandable. Nobody wants to produce a poor dissertation, nobody wants to throw away their hard work and sacrifices over the past couple of years. It has been said many times that the anybody can write a good paper if they just choose the right topic; I am prone to agree with this statement. That being said, one can't deny that choosing the right topic is not an easy thing to do. I can't tell you any specific topics, which will get you an A, but I can tell you what makes a bad topic. Here are five kinds of topics to avoid.

  1. Anything outdated
  2. Often times, you will find a topic, which is interesting to you but does not have any relevance today.

    A topic such as this should be avoided as it will only result in the reader becoming bored and frustrated with your work.

  3. Anything, which bores you
  4. You are going to be spending a lot of time on your dissertation so it is best advised that you choose to write about a topic which is stimulating for you.

    If you choose a topic, which bores you, it is likely going to make your writing dull and uninspired.

  5. Any topic, which was suggested by the internet
  6. Many people turn to the internet when they are in need of a good topic for their dissertation. You should always avoid doing this.

    Any topic you choose from the internet is by definition an unoriginal one. It is very possible that somebody else in your class will submit a paper on the same topic, resulting in the reader becoming  tired of it.

  7. Any overly specific topic
  8. An overly specific topic will give you a very nice title, but the advantages end there. Any topic, which is overly specific, will make the research process long and tedious.

    Likewise, you should avoid any topic, which is overtly vague. It will give the impression that you don't care what you write about.

  9. Any topic, which you have written about before
  10. In college, plagiarism is of great concern. If you are found guilty of plagiarizing, you risk expulsion.

    As absurd as it sounds, it is possible to plagiaries yourself. For this reason, you should avoid any topics you have covered in the past.


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