A step-by-step guide on how to write a PhD paper like a professional

PhD dissertations are one of the most difficult assignments students have to complete in their academic career. The main reason behind this is that this paper will decide whether you qualify to the title of doctor or not. Many students stress out because their career depends upon this paper. Some universities also require the paper to be published under your own name. Therefore, you need to make sure it is well composed and authenticated. The best way to attempt a PhD dissertation is to start early and finish before the deadline. This will save some time for revision and planning. When you start early, you do not have to jump to the writing phase at once. You can take your time to plan the paper and then execute it accordingly. These papers are usually lengthy so you need to divide them into several milestones and gradual steps. Here are a few steps you can consider for writing a PhD paper.

  1. Make a plan
  2. Planning can make the execution lot easier. When you have developed a plan, you can stick to it and set short term and long-term milestones for yourself. Take a paper and write down the total number of chapters and days you are left with. Divide the total words or chapters on number of days and you will get a daily word count you need to achieve.

  3. Choose a subject of interest
  4. The subject for PhD will be quite extensive. You need to divide it into categories and divisions to be able to focus better. It is a good idea to choose an area that you already have some knowledge about.

  5. Create a topic that is unique
  6. You need to pick a unique topic for your paper. Do not copy someone else’s idea for your paper. The last thing you will want for your paper is to have plagiarism.

  7. Carry out the literature review
  8. Carry out background research for your paper. Make sure you study the history of your subject well.

    You can then:

  9. Fetch important data and ideas in a research methodology
  10. Data collection

    Data analysis

  11. Organize the ideas in an outline
  12. Write the body first
  13. Create the introduction paragraph
  14. Write your conclusion
  15. Cite the sources
  16. Edit your paper
  17. Check for plagiarism
  18. Get a neutral opinion
  19. Submit your paper


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