20 Interesting Dissertation Topics In Psychology Of Education

Psychology of Education is not the easiest subject when it comes to choosing a topic for your dissertation. Of course, choosing the topic is not easy itself, as there are too many things you have to pay attention to to make your topic (and the paper you write on it) excellent. You need to make the topic researchable, interesting and at the same time create something new in the world of academic research. If nothing comes to your mind yet, here is the list of 20 possible topics that might get you thinking.

  1. Learning conceptions for exchange students speaking English as a second language.
  2. The importance of physical space in establishing the university campus.
  3. The influence of Drama classes on further emotional stability of children.
  4. Direct instructions versus the distant studying for people with disabilities.
  5. The influence of parental education levels on academic success of their child.
  6. Child care employee training: needs and methods.
  7. The negative influence of spell-check services on grammar and spelling skills among children.
  8. The effect of mistake corrections on studying motivation of children with Asperger's syndrome.
  9. The important differences among the reading-teaching programs for children and for adults.
  10. The influence of full access to online databases on studying abilities of children.
  11. The importance of parent support for successful studying of primary school students.
  12. The school counselor intervention in problematic situations and it's influence on the further number of conflicts.
  13. Children-teacher interaction on the beginner stages of education.
  14. The family involvement in schooling process as a factor of a higher interest of a child for studying.
  15. The role of after school detentions and suspensions on the rate of the dropouts.
  16. A test on the cognitive career to determine the future career preferences on young age.
  17. Online teacher collaboration system and it's role in the improvement of the education quality.
  18. The possibility of isolated studying and it's influence of the social development of a child.
  19. The importance of trust in parent-teacher cooperation.
  20. The influence of domestic reading environment of the reading habits of a child.

This list is just the approximate thoughts to get your brain started. If you came up to your dissertation, you must already have a serious background in the field. Think of the parts of your experience that interested you the most, interpret the various topics and find your own!


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