A Simple Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Find Original Dissertation Topics In Nursing

It is hard to come up with an original concept in nursing—and do you really want a topic that is wholly original. Reconsider your thinking on this! What you want, and think about this, is a topic which will yield tons and thousands of articles and books on the topic that you can discuss at length to span across the length of the discussion. Being that most medical dissertations are very long, you want a topic that lends itself to lots and lots of debate, theories, and discussion.

Think on These following Topics to See How To Span Out Ideas

Think on autism. Can you see why this would make the absolute perfect topic for a dissertation? Autism is such a mystery and yet, has been so studied, you could easily find an angle about it that you can discuss from 400 to 1,000 pages.

Now, to illustrate how you do not want to think about it, think on this new theory that how raw milk cures autism. Now, how much research can there be on a recent discovery, right? Very little. The major scientific studies on this new finding are yet to be released. So, it would be better, therefore, to go to a subject a bit further back in the past that has received more debate.

Physical therapy and autism—now that might do it? Tutoring and autism.

Think about HIV/AIDS for Example

Perhaps HIV/Aids is the topic for you. Hiv/AIDS has been debated for almost half a century now. Just discussing the new developments in drug treatments to prevent HIV from progressing into AIDS would be a four hundred pages alone.

Perhaps you could even bring in the recent man who was cured of AIDS and how this went about happening, and what his current state of health is today.

Book Length Studies Need Long, Major Topics—With a Trick

What you need is a proper angle when it comes to nursing topics—not to big, and not too small. You want to be able to discuss it for four hundred pages—not pick a topic that will require some 40,000 pages, right?

Whatever You Do, Bring in Lots of Research

Bring in lots of research—but research from high quality medical journals and medical books by quality presses. It is important to do this.


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