Thesis Topics

How to Find Good History Thesis Topics

The best thesis ideas come from a number of places, and one of the smartest ways to look for a thesis is to search online.

  1. Segregation in hospitals in North Carolina
  2. The government and media reactions in Egypt, America and Britain regarding the Suez Crisis
  3. Jewish-Gentile relations in the 19th century: patterns of assimilation
  4. American revolution seen through the eyes of British historians
  5. Analysis of communal living: the “one house” family
  6. The abolishing of slavery in New Jersey: successes and failures
  7. Diplomacy and politics involved with US-Turkish relations
  8. The creation of literature in Wales during the Edwardian conquest
  9. Medical service for the US army in the Korean war
  10. The royal British academy and how artistic culture has developed

Examples of Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

  1. What would happen if the US entered martial law? Is there anything we can learn from other dictatorships?
  2. Rates of recidivism among graduates of drug court programs or adults.
  3. Discuss discrimination of employment towards former prisoners.
  4. How might juvenile delinquency rates be lowered?
  5. Is it efficacious or efficient to allow privatized prisons where governments are unable to build them but a prison is needed?
  6. Is community policing good for the community or a small scale tyranny?
  7. Capital punishment: there will always be a significant debate about this.
  8. How are war crimes punished under international law?
  9. What is the media’s role in law enforcement?
  10. Do a comparison of prosecutors for the district attorney with the available defense attorneys in the office of the public defender. How can the system be balanced more fairly?

The Best Education Thesis Topics

Some educational thesis topics are better than others. Here are a few of the best:

  1. Is the consumption of junk food linked more closely to the parents’ example or from vending machines in schools?
  2. What can schools do to promote parent volunteering and community activities?
  3. Do students involved in sports tend to have good or bad grades? Does the physical activity do more good than the harm of their busy schedule?
  4. How should teachers be integrating technology to assist learning?
  5. How censorship related issues should be handled?
  6. Are teachers able to address different learning styles to accommodate for every child’s individual needs?
  7. What should be done to reduce theft and other school related crimes?
  8. Should it be the parents’ choice or the students’ choice to take a human sexuality class? Or should it be mandatory?
  9. Obesity is often starting at a younger age; will this affect school performance or the intelligence of the students?
  10. Why are students late to class? Analyze patterns of tardiness.

Accounting Thesis Topics and Finance Thesis Topics for Every Student

  1. How can the global financial system account for the risks of a new US reporting and withholding system for tax accounts in foreign countries?
  2. Analyze asset prices and market efficiency
  3. What effects do crises have on ignorant investors?
  4. Are technical trading rules worth the cost they bring?
  5. How does audit committee expertise in finances influence quality of earnings?
  6. IFRS and its economic consequences
  7. Do firms base their capital structure choices on the influence of banks?
  8. How to balance skew preference and risk aversion
  9. Analysis of investors of hedge funds: their performance and flows
  10. Keiretsu affliction and underwriting of bond fees in Japan
  11. Survey evidence of the European capital structure policies
  12. How can balance be achieved in the Dutch market for economic efficiency?
  13. How to learn from your competitors in product markets and financial reporting
  14. Discuss how Europe is confronting theory with their practice in the case of corporate finances
  15. How important are dividends in the scheme of holding period return and risk models?
  16. Analysis of trading strategies involving informed options
  17. Financial decision making: how relevant is MCDM?
  18. How does the hedging of currency impact portfolios for international stocks?
  19. Is asymmetric volatility linked to the announcements of macroeconomics?
  20. Can the momentum in Europe be explained by industries or by countries?

Great Economics Thesis Topics and Fascinating Marketing Thesis Topics

The economic thesis topics presented to you here are some of the most popular, which also means they are standard and time tested. Your thesis will be grounded in solid evidence and plenty of good sources if you choose one of these:

  1. The main causes of mortgage crisis
  2. The impact of the media on consumer’s confidence
  3. What effect does financial regulation have on everyday life?
  4. Analysis of the effects of national debt
  5. How do children affect turnout of voters at an election?
  6. Decisions of class enrollment based on online ratings
  7. Market competition for homeowners in Texas: supply and demand
  8. What influence does China have on the global iron ore market?
  9. Is there a relationship between daylight savings and fatal car accidents?
  10. What impact does rural to urban migration have on Chinese agriculture?

Theses in marketing can sometimes all sound the same, but if you want something truly interesting and unique, keep reading:

  1. What strategies are taken by firms in response to boycotts by consumers?
  2. Does geographical location have an effect on buying habits? Talk about the case of Amazon
  3. How brand building works online
  4. How do word of mouth promotions affect smart phone sales?
  5. Book marketing: online vs. offline price points
  6. What role do social networks play in acquiring new customers?
  7. How to deal with online competitors for the success of a brand?
  8. Does the online market ensure larger profits for everyone?
  9. Does timely innovation increase your customer numbers?
  10. How does the process of outsourcing work in the average business?


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