Where To Look For Qualitative Dissertation Samples Without Wasting Your Time?

Qualitative research requires the use of data collection techniques that focus on open ended questions and other methods that collect information that is varied and distinct to each responded. Quantitative methods by contrast tend to yield data that comes in the form of numbers. Different questions may be more suited to different methods of data collection.

In the event that you are looking to produce qualitative research as part of your dissertation, you may benefit from having a well written sample of a paper that resembles the one you intend to produce. This does not need to be a difficult task and you can look at any of the sources listed below to find the type of sample you require:

Recent graduates

You may be about to attempt your research but others will have only just completed theirs. If you can get into contact with recent graduates you can benefit not just from the work they have produced but from their explanations and advice which you may request along with the samples. This may not always be an option but where it is, you should be careful to use it.

Online databases

You can access most of these by using any search engine. To be able to view the entire of any paper you will often be required to pay a fee for membership. Once this is done you can log in and view all types of papers and use what you see to improve your own writing style.


If you can speak to your professor about your problems in completing your paper, he or she may sympathize and loan you a sample paper of high quality. This will allow you to see exactly what he or she considers to be a good paper in this style. This is important because different academics judge this differently. An A+ paper to one person may be a solid B to another.

Your colleagues

By discussing with other people in our class you can learn what they have discovered in their own searches. Some will provide you to links they discovered in their own online searches. Others may show you dissertation samples that they came across because of a wider social network that includes more recent graduates than you know personally.

With these methods you can gain all the samples you need.


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