A List Of The Most Popular Dissertation Topics On Human Rights

Writing a dissertation may be one of the largest, singles tasks ever faced by a student during their schooling. During this project, students are required to select a topic, formulate s hypothesis and develop a course of research, all with the intention of analyzing this information to present it in a well structured paper.

Human rights can be a controversial topic since it deals with the very life and well being of actual persons. Despite its personal nature, a researcher must still select practical topics to work on, or they will find themselves stumped during the course of the studies. The following is a list of popular dissertation topics on humans rights, for you to choose from:

  1. Why my wants and desires are more important than your own.
  2. How to affect the mentality of people from racist cultures in developed countries.
  3. Why it matters what Hitler and other dictator like him have done during their reigns of terror.
  4. The difference between poor people of developed nations and those of third world countries.
  5. At what point is it okay for a developed nation to step in and take control of a country with a highly corrupt government.
  6. How the way a person is dressed can affect the way people treat them.
  7. Are we becoming a gender-less species that will no longer need the concept of gender rights?
  8. Are human rights a myth for some people?
  9. Is it a violation of human rights when some companies practice price discrimination?
  10. Which comes first, the environment or humans?
  11. Is terrorism an effective method of communicating a person’s lack of access to basic human rights?
  12. What are the origins of the concept of human rights?
  13. Have we made any progress in establishing proper civil laws compared to 100 years ago?
  14. Many civil wars have been fought throughout history, can it be stated that violation of humans rights is the main cause of all of these wars?
  15. When protesting against human rights violation, which practices have proven most effective?
  16. How much does it usually take before a population takes to arms against oppressive leaders?
  17. What are the major obstacles that persons usually need to overcome before they attain basic human rights?
  18. How is it possible that the world did not consider the rampant discrimination against homosexuals, a violation of human rights?
  19. Is religious freedom the same as freedom to have no religion?
  20. How does religion affect human rights?


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