5 tricks that will help you find a proper dissertation topic in no time

The approach to finding a topic is the same for a dissertation as it is with any other paper, in that it begins with outlines, brainstorming ideas and more. The student shouldn’t be overwhelmed with the fact that in the end it’s going to be a huge endeavor. Everything has a beginning.

However, the selecting of the topic is not as broad as it once was with other papers in the past. This one is going to take a combination of skills and interests to form it, but it’s also very important to clarify what the topic is when submitting the proposal. This proposal is what will be turned into the committee before they approve the dissertation to begin.

Five Tricks

Base The Topic Off Your Interests

The reason this would fall in the ‘trick’ category is because many dissertation students think they have to go out of their comfort zone to find a topic to write on. When a student goes by the interest they have in their subject, they’re able to do the research faster. While it does take a while to complete a dissertation, the student doesn’t have the time to do extra on top of what they already have to do.

Be Specific With The Topic

Another common problem is that the topic is too broad. No narrowing down the topic will leave too many gaps to fill and the dissertation will be all over the place. Also, it’s not a good idea to be too specific as there won’t be much to write about to extend over many many pages.

Go By Your Field Of Study

On top of the student’s interest in the topic, it also.

Don’t Worry About Taking Someone Else’s Idea

The only way that the student is going to steal someone else’s idea is if they write on a topic that is so broad, they could increase the chances for that to happen. Often the student will see a dissertation topic that is likely just like there’s but there’s even a better chance that it will never happen, for the simple fact that the dissertation is quite thorough and long.

Research First, Read Later

The best way for the student to get into their topic and quickly is not to start reading literature but to actually start researching quickly going from one source to another. This will begin to for the student’s own approach to the topic.

Getting In The Zone

After completing the thorough process of getting started, the student will be spending hours and days developing the argument about their topic and a straight path to their degree.


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