Brainstorming Fresh Ideas for Dissertation Topics in Education 

The objective of any dissertation is to expand and complete the existing knowledge in a certain field, which is why it is vital that the dissertation topic be fresh and unexplored. To write a good dissertation in education, you should make a responsible topic choice. The subject of education is very broad; you should narrow down your focus to some specific issue that might be of particular interest to you and to educational science in general. Choose the most appealing area of investigation and brainstorm. The following topic suggestions in the different fields of education might prompt you to come up with a peculiar dissertation topic idea:

  1. Preschool education.
    • Are Montessori-educated children better prepared for the demands of primary school compared to ordinary kids?
    • Should preschool education be made compulsory for all children?
    • Should preschoolers’ knowledge and skills be tested starting from the age of two?
  2. Primary school education.
    • Should the standards of elementary education be lowered instead of trying to provide constant support to failing students?
    • Does the current curriculum correspond more to the information era rather than the industrial era?
    • Should learning be more independent and playful for primary school students?
  3. High school education.
    • Should the secondary schooling system concentrate more on personal development and character rather than academic achievements?
    • Should geography and history be replaced by courses that are connected to entrepreneurship and money management?
    • Will the introduction of religious education in the secondary schooling system develop students’ racial and religious tolerance?
  4. University education.
    • Who succeeds more in the first few years of their careers: a university graduate with little or no experience, or a person without university degree but lots of practical skills due to working for some time in this particular sphere?
    • Should university professors be allowed to work after retirement?
    • Should university education promote more online courses and flexible schedules?
  5. Teacher education.
    • Do modern teachers influence the character developments of their students?
    • Are teachers less devoted to their profession nowadays than 20 years ago?
    • How will the education system cope with a lack of teachers in the next few years?
  6. Home education.
    • Are children who are home schooled less adapted to the challenges of modern society?
    • Why has home schooling become so popular nowadays?
    • Do children learn enough if they are educated by their parents at home?

      You may come across hundreds of topic ideas if you know what particular area to investigate.


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