Tips And Tricks To Come Up With Proper Medical Dissertation Topics

It's that time already! You'll need to start thinking about your medical dissertation topic very soon- and perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of subjects to choose from. Well, that's completely understandable, so here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

  1. Choose a topic that you know something about! You don't want to be wasting valuable time researching subjects you're not very informed about just because you think it will impress your examiner! They are much more likely to be impressed by a well-informed, astutely observed the paper- so stick to what you know.
  2. Pick a subject that you have a passion for. Perhaps it's health care in developing countries or public reaction to mental illnesses. Whatever you find most interesting, if you use that as your broad theme- and perhaps pick a subcategory that you can really get your teeth into- you can't help but write a well executed and informative paper.
  3. Your subject should be something that you know you can research easily. Of course, any digging you can do to find that piece of information that's not well known will certainly be a bonus. However, you still need to make sure that the general data required is openly available to you.
  4. Still haven't got a clue what topic you should select for that all important paper? Here are some examples of medical dissertation topics to get you thinking. If they're still not adequate to inspire you, then you can always find plenty more subjects by looking at past theses in the library or on the internet.
    • Clinical management and treatment for patients with prostate cancer.
    • Management issues and risks in caring for elderly patients.
    • Poverty's role in childhood diseases.
    • Exploring the role of the World Health Organization in developing countries.
    • The relationship between air pollution and lung diseases.
    • The impact of environmental health hazards caused by nuclear waste.
    • Sanitization in developing countries.
    • Managing occupational health in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • The relationship between mental health and suicides amongst young people.
    • The relationship between social pressures and eating disorders amongst young people.
    • Long-term consequences of occupational stress in healthcare workers.
    • What is the link between socioeconomic backgrounds of individuals and mental illness?
    • The adverse effects of environmental chemicals on human health.
    • Preventing work-related injuries and illnesses.
    • Understanding high-risk pregnancies.


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