Picking Interesting Dissertation Topics In psychology

Psychology is the study of human psyche. Since the brain is so convoluted and so hard to read; numerous regimes turn out of it to be interpreted and analyzed. Of course, these all can be turned into effective dissertation topics.

Doing full justice

You need to do full justice to the dissertation by picking the right topic and surveying and sampling relevant and numerous respondents. You should make your analysis in regard to the inferences you draw from the responses as also your methodology. You should carve a sustaining conclusion in accordance with the same. You should also listen regularly to the directions that your instructor gives you.

Here are 10 interesting psychology dissertation topics for your convenience –

  1. Assess reasons of general discordance between a woman and her mother-in-law – This offers several shades for a dissertation.
  2. Assess the psychological traits that a nuclear family child grows up with in contrast to a child from a joint family – Generally, joint family kids are more rooted while nuclear family kids are freer and somewhat deviant.
  3. Discover why it is so hard to get rid of addiction and why it gets stronger on relapse – The acute reasons behind the psychology of addiction has still not been completely solved.
  4. Explain how an obese person is mentally affected by his inadequacies – The dissertation should cover his physical and sexual inefficiencies and other aspects as well.
  5. Assess the psychology behind the saying – ‘It is better to be a big man in a small place than a small man in a big place’ – This is again a topic which can be analyzed from various angles.
  6. Assess how two people get in love – Some say, it is a matter of heart and vibes, but clearly, the mind plays a bigger part.
  7. Evaluate the existent psychology behind child disorder symptoms – The atrocity of father, alcoholism, abusive language; there are many factors which leads a child to be disorderly.
  8. Analyze why people become a rebel at home – There may be reservations; unacceptability, general abhorrence towards traditions. The reasons may be many.
  9. Psychoanalyze the fundamentals of a burgeoning society – The dissertation should cover the salient reasons behind the prosperity of a said society.
  10. What is the psychosomatic impact of living on the top floor of a skyscraper? – There is that feeling of freedom; of superiority and also of isolation. The impact also has physical traits.


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