5 Secrets of Choosing a Trusted Thesis Writing Service

It sounds great to have your thesis written by someone else, especially nowadays, when there are plenty of online writing services available. However, it turns out to be quite a problem choosing a really trustworthy writing company that can guarantee a good result. These are some secrets that will help you avoid falling into the trap of a scam:

  1. Browse the website of the writing service.
  2. Pay attention to the quality of its content. Is it good? Are there any obvious stylistic or typographical mistakes? If there are, this is not your company. Additionally, go to the “contact us” page. If the service is located in your country and there are any landline telephone numbers indicated, this is a good sign.

  3. Check if guarantees are offered.
  4. Firstly, get to know if the original and unique content is secured. You should be guaranteed that your thesis won’t be resold to anybody else, and no plagiarized material will be used in its creation process. Secondly, look for the “money-back” guarantee. It will do you good in case you are not satisfied with the final version of your paper.

  5. “Get acquainted” with the writers.
  6. Look through the writers’ credentials. A reliable writing service will never hire somebody without specific education and with poor experience. Check if there is a possibility to be in touch with your writer during the work process. It is important that you be in control of your thesis and all the nuances be taken into account. If you are not supposed to be in such contact, it is suspicious.

  7. What are the policies of the company?
  8. Good and trustworthy companies always invest into the comfort of their customers. Usually, they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your inquiries. Some of them even suggest different benefits like free delivery, a free outline, etc. Faithless companies do not care about their reputations at all.

  9. Check the reviews.
  10. You may read all the reviews provided on the company’s website, but such information shouldn’t be considered as reliable. Generally, negative reviews are deleted, and many of the positive comments may be written by one person. It is also possible to look into some review sites. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all the positive reviews about some company are authentic. What you should do is conduct your own investigation. Ask your friends what services they have used and search on the Internet (different students’ forums might be of good use). Your peers won’t lie, and you can easily make up your mind.


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