Interviews As A Good Research Method For Writing A Business Dissertation

Interviews provide a perfect opportunity to interact directly with your subjects of interest or people close to them during research. This is a crucial part of your business dissertation writing because it presents an opportunity to test the perception or views on the ground. This is the much needed first hand account that provides legitimacy to your work.

Types of interviews

Based on the type of information, number of respondents and the time available, among other issues, you may select the following types of interviews to use for your business dissertation.

Advantages Of Using Interviews

Disadvantages Of Using Interviews

To guarantee the validity and integrity of data collected through interviews for your business dissertation, the interviewer must exercise objectivity. He also must be open-minded to avoid ignoring undesirable responses due to personal bias. The questions must be asked clearly and effectively. The interviewing environment must not present an opportunity to be biased either for the interviewer or interviewee.


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